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MR PORKY–the No.1 pork scratching brand 100% importedfrom England!For decades,thenationallypopular MR PORKYhaslong been a sign of quality! Usingthe finestrinds taken from pork shanks, the scratching arecooked based on an age old recipe, until they reach the perfect level of crunchinessand saltinessas great as the taste of roasted porkbelly. MR PORKY issimply perfect for party, OT and beers!Its OriginOriginating from the West Midlands, the humble pork rinds actually embody over250 years of Britishculinary culture! Long ago whenbutchers began producingpork scratching-with the mindthat not a scrap of pigs was to be wasted, thisclassic snack of authentic flavorwas then created!In the 1930s, scratching as we know them first hit the high streetsofEngland-not unlikethe ones we love today

t’s MRPORKYTime (x 3)!Snack for OT–Irresistible crunchy, salty flavor, tempting the taste budsofall white collars!Take a bite when you feel like cracking up.MR PORKY issomething youneedin a hard day’s workload and routine! Snack for Beer–Along with your friends and peers, your beerbuddyMR PORKYarebest-matched with


「Mr Porky」―100% 英國製造頂級進口脆豬皮,承載數十年來優良品質,享譽全英國最受歡迎脆豬皮品牌!嚴選豬腿部位,配以傳統方法炮製而成,鹹味濃郁,香脆可口,口感如燒腩仔皮般脆香,絕對是Party、OT、飲酒時,令人愛不釋手的必吃零食!零食起源:看似尋常不過的低調小吃,蘊含逾250多年的英國地道飲食風味!最早期的脆豬皮源自西米德蘭茲郡,全因宰豬師傅對豬隻每部位精髓的尊重珍惜,才有脆豬皮如此獨特的地道美食。至1930年代,脆豬皮於英國大街小巷全面風行,至今仍深受當地市場及公眾喜愛。

3大「Mr Porky」爆趣時刻:辦公室補給―重口味,夠爆脆~ 獨特鹹香滋味,令人一試難忘!一點點「偷嚐美食的罪咎感」,如上癮般滋味無窮,令扮工族亦無法抗拒!最佳酒友―空肚不宜多喝酒,脆豬皮伴酒一流!不論是在會所、酒吧、街角、海旁,與三五知己,聊天吹水,邊吃零食邊舉杯,更是暢快!派對FUN享―聯群結隊,開心派對,年輕一族至啱心水!薯片花生,太沒新意,爆脆滋味不妨一試!本地市場罕見,新款至潮零食,識食專家至愛