Teresa 由土耳其中部的傳統織布工匠進口100% 純綿優質毛巾。全部毛都很堅韌、輕身以及非常多款式。它們可用作毛巾、布裙、沙灘圍巾、旅行披巾、船上用毛巾等 …… 尤其適合在沙灘上使用。毛巾材料都是用上等土耳其綿和有認證的染料製成,每次洗過後毛巾都會更加柔軟,是其深受喜愛的原因之一。繽紛的顏色亦是其主要賣點,我們的灣仔陳列室有過200種款式可供選擇,我們的毛巾亦能在各個香港會所和店舖有售。
Teresa’s Turkish Towels
Teresa imports amazing 100% pure cotton towels from traditional Turkish weavers in central Turkey.  They are compact, lightweight and extremely versatile and can be used as a towel, sarong, beach wrap, travel blanket, boat towel etc and make the very best beach accessory.  Made from premium Turkish cotton using certified dyes, these towels get softer and softer with each wash which is why they are loved by so many.  Colour is the key ingredient and at the Wanchai showroom there are over 200 colour combinations giving the widest selection in Hong Kong and the Teresa’s Turkish Towels brand can be found in many of Hong Kong’s Clubs and shops.