VÖOST是澳洲最高銷量的泡騰片, 是一種多樣化維生素/礦物質組成的膳食補充劑,由位於德國的歐洲最大泡騰片製造廠生產,有助促進一般身體健康。在全港多達500間7-ELEVEN及屈臣氏有售。

VÖOST is the highest quality German made Australian Brand Effervescent Vitamins developed in AUSTRALIA by renowned Naturopath Bob Wootton and manufactured by Kruger Germany, the largest manufacturer of Effervescent Vitamins in Europe. Voost Multi-vitamin/mineral supplements (MVM) are dietary supplements that contain a combination of vitamins and minerals which promote general health. It is available for sell in over 500 stores on 7-ELEVEN and Watsons in Hong Kong.